Interior Design

The biggest challenge of interior design, in addition to the to the desired approach of style, it is the choice of pieces that create a harmonious unitary setting, without affecting the proportions.

The Beatrix Construct team offers you multiple solutions for interior decorating and helps you build the story you want it to tell.

Exterior Design

Depending on the landscaping area, the work may involve decorating spacious courtyards, terraces, gazebos, pools etc.
Depending on your needs and preferences, we come up with ideas and styles of exterior arrangements . We advise our clients during the entire process and come up with suggestions, for example what are the recommended types of floors and their balance in relation to the facade of the building.

Resistance Structures

The most important element of the whole construction process is building a structure of resistance.

In order for the accomplished project to be a lasting one, we make sure from the start that we design and build each element very carefully, adapting the structures of resistance to the specifics of the construction and its area.

Electrical Installations

Wether you need an electrical installation from scratch, facing a problem with an electrical installation or you need to change it, our expertise covers the whole field of activity and we adapt our services to your needs.


Whether you need a new sanitary installation or you are thinking of fixing the old one, we offer a professional plumbing services and we make sure that both the project and the materials we work with will suit your needs.

HVAC Installation

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are no longer an issue!
If you would like to install a HVAC system in your home, our team of design engineers assures you a proper configuration that will keep the temperature at a comfortable level.


We manage the projection and installation of fire detection installations that respect the legislation and regulations.

Quality and safety must come first!


Regardless of the complexity and destination of the project, we take care of the management of the entire project.
The maintenance work aims to maintain the technical condition of the constructions and their functionality, preventing any premature damage.
We offer support and keep you up to date with all the technical details on throughout the work.


The road to success is always paved with work!
The project's estimation time of is one of the decisive factors of our clients.

Starting with your ideas, we design, come up with suggestions, adapt to your vision and execute up to the last detail of finishes.


Do you want to have the guarantee of a well-executed project, completed on time and at an affordable cost?

Contact us today and you will thank us tomorrow!

Together we are building trust!